Accurate, Efficient, Safe
Our Cattle Hoof Trimming Service is Guaranteed!

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Our sole business is to provide hoof trimming. 

We are a team of professionals with a unique, patented hoof trimming table that enables us to work accurately and efficiently without any stress to the cows.

  • We use hand tools only - Specially designed hoof trimming knives.
  • We use specially designed wood blocks to treat hoof diseases.
  • We can trim 30-120 cows per day, thanks to our unique hoof trimming tables and setup.
  • Our method is proven not to stress the cows.
  • Easy on the farmers, farmer assistance is not needed - leave it all to us!
We have a long list of satisfied customers.  Ask us for references. We serve Pennsylvania and Maryland - ask about other locations.

Term payments with no interest are available.  Contact Myer today!